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R99 FRA-224 Rail Car 10 Year

R99 FRA-224 Rail Car 10 Year

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Prismatic Reflective Film ideal for marking sides of rail cars.

ORALITE® R99 Rail Conspicuity Sheeting is a tough weather-and solvent-resistant product designed for rugged outdoor use on the sides and rear of rail cars and locomotives. It is easy to apply to smooth surfaces or to surfaces where tape must be cut around rivets and other design features. ORALITE® R99 Rail Conspicuity Material comes with the visible FRA-224 certification mark, and meets the requirements of FRA-224.

Product Features Benefits

Prismatic retroreflective performance = Enhanced night-time grade/railroad crossing and low light visibility

Mono-layered construction = Impact and weather resistant No edge sealing required Withstands high pressure washing Resists edge lift

Specification compliant = Meets requirements for FRA-2 D4956–01a, for Type V Sheeting, except for the photometric requirements found in 49 CFR 22424 ASTM


Color:  Yellow

Available in these sizes:

4" x 150' Rolls

4" x 150' Kiss Cut every 18"

4" x 18" Strips

4" x 36" Strips

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