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R59 FRA-224 Rail Car 10 Year

R59 FRA-224 Rail Car 10 Year

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Prismatic Reflective Film ideal for marking sides of rail cars.


ORALITE® R59 Rail Conspicuity Sheeting is highly reflective, weatherproof, self-adhesive sheeting with excellent corrosion and solvent resistance for the reflectorization of railcars and locomotives. ORALITE® R59 Rail Conspicuity Material comes with the visible FRA-224 certification mark, and meets the requirements of FRA-224 [49 CFR 224]. 

Product Features Benefits

Prismatic retroreflective performance = Enhanced night-time and low light visibility for rail cars

Vivid yellow and white colors = Enhanced daytime visibility

High-tack adhesive = Aggressive initial-tack and long-term adhesive bond

Weather resistant = Ideal for tough weather conditions

Long-term durability = Long-standing performance in tough railroad conditions

Specification compliant = Meets requirements for FRA-224

Size:  4" x 150' Rolls

Color:  Yellow

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