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Safety Decals

Custom Pre-Striped Reflective Chevron Left Hand Slant

Custom Pre-Striped Reflective Chevron Left Hand Slant

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Product Description

Applications Ideal for utility vehicles that require increased visibility such as telecom, DOT, fire, EMS, and police vehicles
Reflective Technology Prismatic
Durability 5 years

45° Left Hand Slant Red/White Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Orange/Black Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Orange/White Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Red/Black Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Blue/White Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Lime/Black Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Yellow/Black Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Green/Lime Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Green/White Pre-Stripe

45° Left Hand Slant Yellow/Blue Pre-Stripe

Available Lengths

60", 66", & 72"

*Contact for custom length rolls.

Available Widths
(in inches)
4", 5", & 6"

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